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About Us

Merry Meals is a volunteer organization that provides holiday dinners to families in need in our own community. Through fundraising and donations, we buy, package and create a holiday meal so that no one in our neighborhood goes hungry at Christmas.

In 2008, Mandy Moore decided she wanted to find a way to give back to her community, as well as teach her kids to be charitable. She collected money from her family and friends to buy Christmas dinners that she gave away on Chesterton Freecycle. The response was overwhelming, from donators to those who requested dinners. The stories of hardship resonated with Mandy and made her grateful to have a house, good health, a job, and family. That first year she was able to purchase 7 ham dinners for 7 families, with a complete dinner costing around $20.

With a goal in mind to exceed the year before, last year brought in enough for 77 dinners for 77 families, over 500 people, from Crown Point to LaPorte. This year the goal is 500 dinners, and we need your help. Through donations, fundraisers, food drives, and local businesses, Merry Meals will be able to spread holiday cheer to those who need it.

Mandy Moore of Merry Meals